5V Bullet-type RGB LED Stringxels (Strand of 40)

I never used to be big on holidays. The only one I’ve ever liked was Halloween. I mean really, who wouldn’t love a holiday where u can scare people and get handed free candy? I’m an adult and I can’t get enough candy. Christmas has ALWAYS been my least favorite. I never get a single thing I want. You can take all the dramatic flare out of that statement. I’m not one for dramatics. I absolutely mean that. I had one Christmas where I got a “my talking family” dollhouse that I’d been wanting for 3 years. It took 3 years for me to get a single present I wanted. I was 8 and it was the first and last time I’ve ever gotten anything I wanted for Christmas.

I used to view this over-glorified holiday slightly different in my teen age years. About 15 or 16, I realized that the holiday was nothing more than an expensive, media exposed way for rich parents to contribute to their kids collections of junk, while simultaneously making us not as fortunate kids feel like shit. Since they seemed to always get whatever they wanted, while I got toys I’ll never play with, and clothes that I’d never wear. I’d rather have the money my parents spent on junk so I could purchase things I really DID want.

For the first time ever, this year, with Halloween right around the corner, I’m looking anew at my thoughts of the holiday season, I No longer believe that the season should end on Nov. 1st. No longer will I dread shopping for people I hate (which most days is every one but those under my roof; and other days I dislike them too). No longer will I stand in line regretfully, almost Scrooge-like in my lack of holiday cheer while the cashier take their sweet time.

No! This year I am…dare I say it?…I am actually excited for Christmas. I don’t know what smacked me in the head, or where my Scroogeness went, but I am full fledged excited for Christmas. I begged my boyfriend last week to take me Christmas shopping. In September.

Looking back on it, I think maybe if my parents had given me something useful or even wanted, maybe I would have had my “grown up” view of this holiday a lot faster.

I know it’s too early, but I’ll say it anyways: Happy Holidays!



2 thoughts on “Holidays

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