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One thing my co-workers will (Hopefully) never find out about me



FarmVille (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have a dirty little secret. I regret even writing it here for the whole world to see. It’s something most people would at the worst shame me for, and at the least talk behind my back about for a few days.


….I’m a FarmVille addict.


I don’t mean I play it once a day, or even twice a day. I have FV up and running almost non stop in my waking hours. I’m playing it right now, at work, while I write this blog entry. It’s true!


I am a self-admitted FarmVille addict.


My family knows; my boyfriend even supports it. But my co-workers generally scoff and guffaw at the mention of FV. One guy brings up (almost non stop) the case of the chick who killed her baby over FV. I guess the baby wouldn’t stop crying so she killed it. OMG!


While this is a drastic case, and NOT the majority, I still live in secrecy about my love affair with Facebook games.





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3 responses to “One thing my co-workers will (Hopefully) never find out about me

  1. tedstrutz

    hahahaha… I was a Mafia Wars addict for awhile…

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