Tweet, Tweet!

Twitter Logo

Twitter Logo (Photo credit: Jon Gosier)

This is a topic of much debate: To Tweet, or not to Tweet? On one hand, you have the widely accepted view of Twitter being simply a time waster. Nothing good can come of something that’s so easily an addiction. On the other, you have the even more accepted view of Twitter as an effective way of keeping in touch. My personal opinion, sides with the latter.

I have a Twitter account. I actually have two if you want to get technical. One I use for my blogs, all 3 of them, * and one I have for “personal use”, because even some one like me has things they want to keep private. I know, I know it’s silly.

I see Twitter as an addicting, lovely, publicly personal, time sucking, family/friend/frenemy/acquaintance connector.

Kinda catchy ahmiright??

* I have 2 other blogs that can be found on the “GoodReads” Section of my sight


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