America runs on Dunkun, I run on electronics

I work all day on the computer. Not just writing and such, but I have a “real job” too. I won’t go into specifics, but I work from home…On the computer…and the phone. And then there’s the FarmVille addiction I mentioned in an earlier post. Throw in writing this blog, and 2 others (whew) and my Pinterest and Twitter accounts…and…and…and…It all leads to about 12 hour days on the computer. If I don’t get a tumor by my late 40’s I’ll consider myself extremely lucky.
Computers are just a way of life now. I can’t think of a single person I know who doesn’t have one. We Have two, a desk top and my boyfriend’s laptop. We also have an XBOX That I use for Minecraft (the best game in the world) and an ipod for pocket gaming reasons.


So yes, electronics are huge in my household. My son has his own television and dvd player HE’S THREE!


To say electronics help run my family is an understatement. What about you? Do you run on electricity?


English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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