What I Hope to Accomplish


change (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)




Everyone wants to make a difference in some one else’s life. Think about a person who you would like to help or somehow change their course of history for the better. There are many great and noble things one can do to help out a lost soul. From adopting a pet, to helping kids at a school program, to volunteering at a food kitchen (That’s the second time this week I’ve mentioned that. I wonder if I’m feeling guilty?)


There are countless things I can think of that I can do right now, at this very second at little to no cost that could benefit some one else. But I’m not writing about that right now. Right now, I’m thinking of what I can do with my blog to help others. I need to define a goal of how my words can move another person, and hopefully help them for the better.


It may be a silly thought, that my blog could possibly help some one. But I never know, stranger things have happened. My wish for The Thought Nazi is that some one will read what I write and that my words will “move” them. To laughter, to tears, whatever. I don’t care. As long as they are not being moved to boredom then I’m alright with it 🙂


I just want to make a difference, however small in someone’s life. What would you do to make some body’s life a little better in a small (or not so small) way?



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