Unwinding In A Time Of Stress


stress (Photo credit: bottled_void)


We all have that one place we go when things get hectic. For some of us, it’s the bath tub for a good long soak. It may be behind a locked door with music turned up and the world tuned out. Me I prefer both of those things, together in harmony. Whatever it is you chose to do when things get tough, and wherever it is you go to do it, I’m sure it is a relaxing place. As humans, we naturally crave solace when life gets crazy.

For me, I tend to tune out. I can be anywhere and find comfort inside me. If the rest of the world is just too much, I tune everything else out, and focus on what I need emotionally to get through it, and I do just that. Nothing more, nothing less.

This can be both a blessing and a curse because I come across a lot as aloof. Or people think I’m being rude. But trust me, it would be far more rude for me to tell someone what I think of them than to become distant. Although not everyone shares this point of view.

So tell me, where do you go to unwind? Do you shut down, or do you prefer to spend time with loved ones and have family close when you’re going through a difficult time?




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