A little moment to hold on to

Flower dream

Flower dream (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I find myself in a strange place today. It’s a kind of mix between reality: My normal daily life, the things I do, The thoughts I think, The things I eat; with a bit of fantasy rolled in tightly. I say this because of all the amazing things that have found their way into my life. Good things don’t come easy to me. I’ve become accustomed to fighting for what I really want. Sure, some things have been known to fall in m

y lap. Life does hand out miracles occasionally, when she is merciful. But for the most part, I’m not used to anything being handed to me. So when I stand back and take inventory of things, much like I’ve done this morning, I can’t help but see miracles everywhere I look.

I’m well fed, as is my child. I have a warm place to lay my head. I can put my earthly possessions in my house and know that no harm will come to them. In fact, I can’t help but notice that my life is pretty good. I recently bought a kindle, and a new 27 inch monitor. I’m still waiting on my new super computer to get here. I ordered a custom-built gaming pc so I can play minecraft and second life on high power. I am really excited. To say that my life is blessed would be an understatement. I just needed to wake up and see things for how they were. Sure, not everything is gumdrops, lollipops and rainbows now. Of course, there’s some hard times too. But nothings perfect, as I mentioned yesterday.

What blessings do you count? What possessions, material or otherwise do you hold dear?


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