A moment of silence for skittles


Skittles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t normally talk about controversial issues. There’s plenty of blogs for that and the last thing I want is to cause any one to dislike my words or unfollow me. But I can’t leave this alone. I’ve been up all night in a coffee fueled stupor thinking about Treyvon Martin. My heart aches for this little boy. In my mind that’s what he was, some one’s little boy. He had a mother and a father and a family. He was some body’s little boy. I should rephrase that cause he still IS some body’s little boy. See even after death, we are still parents. Just because you lose a son or daughter doesn’t mean you are no longer a parent.

The real crime, to me, is that this man (Zimmerman) doesn’t have to account for what he does. He doesn’t have to answer for the murder of some one’s child. This screams Casey Anthony all over again, and it’s just sick. When will American‘s be held accountable for our actions. I can’t help but think if the races were reversed, that Zimmerman would probably be rotting in a cell right now. It wouldn’t matter who his dad was. The state of Florida needsto wake up and see how this is hurting families. It took how long to get the man into custody! He walked around the same streets this he took another humans life on, a free man. All the boy wanted was some damn skittles.

I’m going to get off my soap box, I just had to post something about this monstrosity. What do you think about the verdict?


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