A little post i wrote on my facebook wall. I wanted it to reach more people so I put it here too.

American Flag

American Flag (Photo credit: Sam Howzit)

I wanted to take a moment to recognize the survivors of the horrible tragidy that befell our country 12 yrs ago. Our nation still feels the effects of it to this day. I know the enemies plan was to divide us and tear us apart but they ended up strengthening us and bringing us together. We Americans have been through a lot. We have been through wars and famine and drought. But we stuck together. We have also shared good fortune and good health. You are alive today! And so we remember those who are not. Take just one day to remember the senseless lives that were lost on a day that will never be forgotten. ‪#‎Neverforget‬ ‪#‎911tragedy‬. My heart goes out to the families and friends who lost a part of them that day. Something no one can give back to them. Some one who won’t come home. I know this day holds more emotions for u than anyone. I know it was hard for u to get up this morning and go about ur life but u did! Ur strength is admirable and I know the sacrifices u make daily aren’t easy. I just wanted to take this moment to recognize the true reason today has meaning. Its not about airport lines and drones. Its about loved ones lost. And for this we ‪#‎remember‬


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