Hello out there!

musicloveHave you ever listened to a new song and felt something speaking to your soul? What about an old favorite? Lately, it seems like with all the new Indie music I’m discovering, I’m being spoken to more and more by the lyrics and even by the acoustics. I’ve always felt the presence of my spirit stir when music is playing. Music has always been such a big part of my life. It can alter my mood, my feelings and emotions. Sometimes, when nothing else seems to shake a sour mood, I’ll put on a little “Passenger” and float away to a land of hippieness. His Beachy soulful almost wailing melodies make me wish I had been my age now in the 70s. The fact is I wasn’t even born in the 70s. I barely made it into the 80s. I feel like this has given me a unique perspective on newer artists as well as a deep rooted appreciation for older and classical styles. Disco has never been my things, but the peace and love touted in the 60s always has been. Then there was the dark wave style that passed through in the 70s. That’s always been one of my favorite time periods. The 80s brought some genre-changing hair metal bands. I’m a huge fan of Pantera, and of course Metallica and good ole’ Ozzy to name a few. The mid 90s is when I was old enough to get Christmas and Birthday presents centered around cassettes. The first cassette I ever got was the Spice Girls for my karaoke machine. That same Christmas I unwrapped a copy of Hanson’s “MM Bob” which promptly went back to the store and was happily swapped for the Backstreet Boys. I’ve thankfully grown away from pop a little. Now I have a wide array of likes. From Lorde to Marilyn Manson, from Phantogram to Nickelback, and from  CHVRCHES to Two chains. You could say I have an eclectic taste. That’s actually a grave understatement. But like I said at the opening of this post, music speaks to me. I have little control over what it says.

Do you have a song or songs that defines you or your style? I’d love to hear about it. I’m also discovering new artists and falling in love with them daily. Can you suggest any for me? I love to love 😉


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