A Revelation in Fairy Tales

All of this moving around has been crazy, and since we spent most of our time not knowing if we would be able to return any books borrowed, I’ve shied away from libraries. However, we are somewhat more stable now and a few days ago I ventured into our public library. It’s been my desire for several months now, to find a few good books on mythological creatures. I am fascinated more by the possibility of their existence than anything else, so I had a specific niche in mind. I wanted to find books that would aid me in proving that fairies, unicorns, vampires and trolls existed. Sure, I love all mythological creatures, but these four are my main focus. I just finished an amazing book on the Little People, some times called fae, that has made me want to communicate with a fairy. I know, I know, “fairies don’t exist”. But, what if they do? Just cause you have never seen one doesn’t mean that they aren’t out there. The possibility is intoxicating to me. Maybe all we need to do is believe. Do you?


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