finding myself

As I get older, I find myself in a quandary. I’m stuck somewhere between wanting to work hard and make money, and wanting to stay youthful and party. I recently relocated to Baltimore Maryland (yes, the place with the riots) and the big city life has left me energized and ready to tackle everything! The prospects in a place this big are endless! I find myself often wondering what to do. I have a job now, i was here a little over a week before I found one, and having some cash is a welcome change.

Being in the city though, I’ve started to “find myself”. Now, it could be because I’m almost 28, and overdue for a revelation…and I welcome that as a possibility. But, it could also be attributed to the cities vibrancy, and energy. Whatever the cause, I find myself surprisingly welcomed and not at all as lost as I thought I would be.


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