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A little heart

While we all get drunk and glutton on carbs and beef, and random meat odds and ends in tube shapes, we need to grasp when Memorial Day is all about, our soldiers who have faught so hard for our right to do that. Maybe we don’t all believe in the war and maybe we don’t all believe in the same things and maybe we don’t even have the same belief on war and that’s okay! Some one died for your right to believe that. More and more keep dying for your right, to say and think whatever you want. So I ask all of my friends both new and old, to think of those who die everyday, for your right to eat that hotdog. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.


About xunicornsxsparklex

I'm nothing really special, just a girl, with a face and a few hopes, dreams, and aspirations. I live life to the fullest I can. I deal with a lot. I'm snarky, hot headed, and thick skulled. I do what I want. All things aside, I'm a pretty decently nice person.

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