About me: Inside my creative mind.

Bio: Get the facts

Name: Bianca T.
Current Location: Missouri
Age: 29 and holding

Color: Green
Activities: Talking to my family and friends, meeting new people, and hanging out with my wonderful fiancee.
Hobbies: Listening to music and discovering new artists, Reading sometimes, if the book is good, Window shopping online, Cooking, and of course Writing 🙂

Important things you should know about me:

I am a fun loving girl, who is taking life one day at a time. It’s too short to lose sleep over what doesn’t really matter. Few things in life actually do. The memories you leave behind is one of those things that do matter. It’s important to be the kind of person you want others to see in you, not just complain when they don’t. Even more important, be what you see in yourself. If you feel that you are a good person full of potential don’t let others tell you otherwise. The key to making the name for yourself that you want is to be “that person”. The person you know you are deep down. The person that no one can tell you you’re not. Stand up for yourself, even when no one else will. If you wait for them to tell you what you are then you will be whatever they say you can be. Don’t be what everyone tells you to be. Be a rebel and do for you. Nobody can do it better!

In my own words:

Love is what we all search for, in whatever terms we view it. Some look for it from people, they starve for attention. Posting Facebook updates and Twitter Status’ about being lonely and wanting to be a part of something. Without a friend they are nothing. Some look for it in outside sources, such as food or drugs or alcohol. Their life spirals out of control until they can’t see the surface and they wonder what they were searching for in the first place. Still others look for it in the opposite sex. They think “If I was pretty enough then I will be loved” or “If I stopped caring about my morals or values, then surely I can find some one who will love me”. These thoughts are deadly. They are in themselves where self-destruction breeds, and self loathing and hate start. When we can’t see anything inside ourselves worth loving, we look for something else to tell us we are good enough. Look inside yourself and you find some one who is smart and funny and laughs like no one else does. They have a smile that is contagious and a personality that’s as unique as they are. Humans hate change. That’s why we run from it. We are content in our self centered bubbles with walls we put up to protect ourselves from being hurt. All to avoid change. You are different from every other human being out there. Not a single one is exactly like you. Because you are different people will shun you and abuse you. They will mock you and ridicule you, call you names and abuse you. Why? Because your different. You’re too round, or too short or too tall. Your nose is crooked or your feet smell. Or your hair is too long or too short. Any quality you have that makes you different, which is anything you are, causes people to make fun of you. Why live your life trying to please them? It can’t be done. You will stress and stress and come out on the bottom. Why not live life for you? It is after all, your life to live.

Also, I’m on Twitter. You may not find my Tweets updated very often, but you are more than welcome to follow 🙂



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