About thethoughtnazi

What is a Thought Nazi you ask? I feel it can be many things. It’s the voice at the back of your mind that only speaks before you take a risk. It tries to swallow your best moments, trying to cease them from happening. The rest of your life it lies dormant, waiting for your next opportunity to strike out on your own and be an individual.

It’s a religious fanatic hell-bent on making the Human race succumb to their beliefs. Their way is the only right, just and true way to inner peace. Anyone toting an idea that caters to the “holier than thou” mind set is a thought nazi. They take away our freedom to search for our own gods, and our own ideas and beliefs. Just because you have found your “salvation” doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for me.

A thought nazi can be anyone and everyone who tries to stifle your opinions or degrade your values. A thought nazi is a negative minded bigot who doesn’t know their place in the world. I have my opinions and I am quick to voice them, and I believe there’s an amendment to our Nations Constitution that protects this right.

In fact, it’s the very first amendment……

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